I'm a Friend Values!

Everyone who supports the ideals of I’m a Friend makes the following proud statement:

  • I do not agree with bullying behaviour
  • I do not accept that it is ok for others to bully me
  • I will support the victims of bullying in whatever way I can

The Mission

I’m a friend is an initiative aimed at creating a supporting community for people who find themselves being bullied at school, work, play or at home.

The mission is to create a more thoughtful, caring society where friends look out for friends.

The objective is to establish a group of members who will spread the I’m a Friend message of caring, understanding and lending support to those who are suffering and often finding themselves in despair.

I'm a Friend is Not!

I’m a Friend is just another way of saying that I’m not a bully nor should anyone attempt to bully me. NOTHING MORE

The I’m a Friend message should not be understood as an invitation to form new friendships.

We should never accept friendship requests from people whom we do not know or whose motives may be open to question.

Our Hope for I'm a Friend

It is hoped that supporters of IAF will show their commitment by wearing the specially designed symbol and displaying the key message. This will help to inform other people of the initiative and encourage them to adopt the ethical values of the campaign.

The IAF approach will strive to reinforce the human values of Dignity, Respect, Courage and Strength across all aspects of everyday life. The mission of the campaign, both nationally and internationally, is to discourage bullying whenever and wherever it occurs, to encourage victims of all ages to stay strong, and to offer the fullest possible support to anyone who is suffering as a result of being bullied. It is not intended that those responsible for bullying others should themselves become victims, but rather that they might reflect on the stress caused by their conduct. IAF does not propose to offer a counselling service.