Supporters of I’m a Friend

We at I’m a Friend are proud and thankful to be associated with all our supporters.  Together, we are getting the message out that there is no place in our world for bullying.  We are standing united to help eradicate bullying and support its victims.  Our combined efforts revolve around a very simple concept where people make a positive and public statement that “I’m a friend”. By wearing or displaying the I’m a friend logo you are making a positive and public commitment to the following principles

  •   I consider bullying, in all its forms, to be unacceptable.
  •   I will not engage in any behaviour that could be considered to be bullying.
  •   I will lend my support to victims of bullying.


Amongst our supporters are :

  • Ferbane GAA Club – County Offaly

The I’m a Friend Organisation and the Ferbane GAA Club have teamed up to roll out a Car Sticker Campaign.  This campaign has two primary objectives.  The first is being that people will identify the brand and connect to our website to have greater appreciation and understanding of the I’m a Friend initiative.   The second objective is act as a reminder for motorist to be tolerant towards other road users, which is a good fit with the ethical values of I’m a Friend.

This campaign focuses on the positive. People who have suffered the effects of bullying have claimed to have felt empowered and have taken great comfort from both wearing the logo and from seeing others wear it.

  • Slieve Bloom County Division of Scouting Ireland

The roll-out of this initiative provides each scout with a specially commissioned embroidered I’m a Friend badge and silicone bracelet.  All scout leaders are trained in delivering the values of I’m a Friend to members.

  • Schools

We have a commitment from schools which want to champion the cause and monitor its impact.