Facts about bullying

Myth      “If I tell someone or make a big deal of it, the bullying will get worse”

Fact      While it is perfectly understandable that someone being bullied and feeling isolated might believe that telling someone will make the situation worse, research has shown that when grown ups, people in authority and even peers become involved, the bullying behaviour tends to stop.


Myth      “Bullying is just a normal part of growing up- sure everyone gets bullied at some stage.”

Fact      Bullying is NOT normal and not all people are bullied. There are a wide range of reasons why people bully others but it is the acceptance of bullying behaviour that allows it to continue


Myth      “People are born bullies- you can’t change them”

Fact      Bullying is a behaviour that can be changed- bullying is about individuals or groups having power over others. There are many simple steps to help shift the balance of power away from the bully.


Myth      “Just hit them back- you have to stand up for yourself”

Fact      In rare cases, bullying can be stopped by people “hitting back” however this usually increases the risk to the person being bullied and increases the likelihood of physical harm.


Myth      “Bullying is a fact of life, there is nothing you can do about it”.

Fact       There are many practical steps that can be taken stop or significantly reduce the incidence of bullying.


Myth      “Bullying is harmless- it toughens you up for the real world”

Fact      Bullying can have serious consequences on an individual’s wellbeing – it can be extremely stressful and can destroy an individual’s self confidence and enjoyment of life.